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Combining teaching experience with the latest game based education research


I work as a researcher at the Game Research Lab of the Tampere University. Right now I am concentrating on my PhD on game jams in schools.

I have previously worked as a teacher of literature and Finnish language at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts (2005-2020). I have been interested in digitalization and media in teaching and learning, and have completed specialization studies in Learning and Teaching in Digital Learning Environments at the University of Turku (2016-2018, 60 study credits) and acted as a member of the Digitalization Board of the municipality of Helsinki (2017-2021).

I have lectured and ran workshops for teachers and other educators on subjects like gamification of education, educational games, game and play in school and game making in classroom. If you would like to have me speaking in your event, please contact me!

In addition to game jams and game making I am interested in role playing games and their materiality, game pedagogy, playfulness and gamification supporting learning, and co-creativity.

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